July 29, 2010

Pickup: RRL Selvedge University Stripe Oxford

I've been looking for a university striped oxford for quite some time now. While browsing the RRL room at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong I spotted this shirt in a small. I asked the salesgirl if they had a medium and she helped me look for awhile. We were about to give up when I spotted the same striped sleeve poking out of a basket high up on the wall. I took it down and managed to find a medium inside, my lucky day as it was on sale too. For those interested it's made from Japanese fabric in Sri Lanka The fit of this shirt is spot on, a little slimmer than my Gant Rugger one but not too tight.


  1. In the words of every blog these days: so crispy.

    (I hope that phrase dies fast)

    I'm going to HK in Sept - will have to check out the store.

  2. Thanks. There is a Lane Crawford in most of the big malls. I must have went to at least 4 while I was there. Although I picked up this shirt at the one in IFC mall which I would have to say had the best selection.

  3. What a great pick up. That shirt looks..um..crispy? Anyway, shame you had to go to Hong Kong to get it but awesome it came back with you. Welcome back!

  4. Yeah there is a surprising lack of Ralph Lauren in Canada with the exception of a few pieces at the Bay so it was nice to see some in person. Thanks, it's good to be back.