May 15, 2010

Pickup: L.L. Bean Signature Casco Bay Boat Shoes

Up until now I had never owned a pair of boat shoes. I opted for these over Sperry's mostly because of how the leather looked and after seeing them in person I can vouch that the leather looks great. I wore them yesterday and they were very comfortable. However, near the end of the day some pressure points started to bother me, but I'm sure after breaking them in some more this will go away. They have a hand-sewn upper and well a a 3/4 leather sock lining. 


  1. It's a subtle difference which I can speak to (I own a pair of Sperrys much similar to the LL Bean's in the pic), but I love the black laces. Something about the black/brown combo along with the matte leather that really sets those shoes apart from most boat shoes I've seen...

  2. Yeah those dark laces aren't as common. Thanks for comment.