April 3, 2010

Pickup: Gant Rugger Selvedge Oxford Shirt

One of Manav's friends who works at Harry Rosen told him that they had gotten their Gant Rugger shipment in for Spring, so I stopped by on Friday to check it out. After spotting the blue with yellow stripes selvedge oxford cloth button-down that I had been eyeing online I quickly tried it on and then walked out of the store with a great new shirt to my name. Douglas from Gant Rugger was kind enough to fill me in on the origins of the shirt. This particular shirt was based off of a 1960's shirt that Gant made for the famous Yale Co-op store in New Haven, CT, which is also the city in which Gant was founded in 1949. All the of the Gant Rugger collection is based off Gant's rich archives, from original fabric recreations to original details and measurements. After seeing how perfectly this shirt fit me and eyeing the rest of their collection as well, I can safely say that this won't be my last Gant Rugger purchase.
Selvedge Oxford Cloth
The removed locker loop signifying that the owner has been spoken for.
Douglas sent me this picture of the original Gant shirt that my shirt was based on. Thanks again Douglas.


  1. Just bought a red check Gant Rugger shirt today and love it already. Definitely won't be my last either.

  2. Picked up a couple pieces recently myself. Great stuff. I was wondering what the cut loop was about on mine as well. Thanks for the info!

  3. Not a problem. What pieces did you get?

  4. My local retailer has a decent selection of Gant shirts, including the striped oxford. I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't been able to find their outerwear anywhere though aside from online (epaulet).

  5. Harry Rosen had some pieces of outwear but I didn't try any on. They did look really good though.